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Thought to originate from the naval practice of ‘hot racking’, where crewman shared the same bunks on different shifts, “hot desking”, is the use of a desk or workstation made available for multiple members of staff or persons. This is in contrast to the ‘fixed’ or dedicated desk scenario which is commonplace to most general office environments.

Favoured by firms with a higher rate of ‘field-based’ employees or those with flexible schedules, the primary motivation is cost reduction through the saving of dedicated office space. By implementing this strategy a company can expect to save anything up to 30% and beyond, dependent on the individual company and its operations.

The Pros & Cons Of Hot Desking

There are a number of pros and cons that must be taken into consideration when considering a hot desk scenario. Apart from the aforementioned cost benefits, hot desking can also encourage intra-office communication between members of staff or teams who would otherwise rarely interact. There is evidence to suggest a measurable rise in productivity and creativity too. Conversely however, there is evidence also that points to employees feeling ‘less-valued’ in a hot desk environment, and ‘hierarchy’ is less clear when compared to that of a conventional office.



Desks are a super convenient and cost-effective way to launch a small business. With an approximate 20% saving over a fixed or ‘dedicated’ desk, a hot desk is well worth and perceived ‘inconvenience’. Besides, who really wants the SAME VIEW every day?!

Come in a range of shapes and sizes and vary from provider to provider. We highly recommend that you make a note of desk size as it can make a huge difference to your comfort and productivity. This is especially important when discussing private office dimensions.

The serviced office arena by knowing exactly what providers and/or spaces fit your company from a cultural perspective. Remember that you will be rubbing shoulders with a plethora of other small and medium sized business. It will certainly help to know whom your neighbours might be!

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Serviced office or coworking spaces have forged their business on desk rental, and hot desks are a large portion of any coworking space’s ‘bread and butter’. In general, hot desks are approximately 20% less expensive than a fixed or dedicated desk, so if you feel that this style of working may benefit your operation, then it’s certainly an avenue worth exploring further. One must remember however, that this form of working can only facilitate a laptop or notebook for obviously reasons, but as with most coworking spaces, hot desking will also include the routing of calls to any specified location, creating a truly ‘agile’ working environment.



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