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What Is Coworking And Should You Consider It For Your Business?



In a nutshell, it’s a relaxed yet professional style of working that involves sharing a workplace with multiple companies from differing industries. Some even say the foundations of coworking lay in berlin’s hacker movement back in the mid-1990s.

Coworking is a collaborative, social form of working that addresses the lack of productivity experienced by so many home-based workers and offers a welcome alternative to the often unsocial and cellularised business centres that were very much the norm back then.

Today, Coworking is as popular as ever, with thousands of serviced office providers offering space around the globe; each one providing the community aspect that so many seeks to promote productivity.


Aside from the intrinsic social and creative benefits of a coworking environment, it is the freedom that this engenders which creates the greatest attraction for every type of company. It promotes freedom in the form of tailored, flexible contract terms that requires little initial outlay and facilitates hassle-free cancellation or renegotiation.

The office environment that we once knew, whilst far from being a thing of the past, has most certainly evolved – we help you take advantage of this.


Coworking spaces are better suited to freelancers and lean startups who would like to rent a desk by the hour, day or month. In serviced offices, the office space is rented monthly. Coworking spaces do provide everything you need but don’t typically have the extras that serviced offices provide such as administrative support.

Coworking spaces are great if you’re looking for even more flexibility, low cost and low commitment. These extremely social, collaborative and creative spaces attract people from all industries, however; the drawback is that if you have a need for complete privacy or confidentiality then you might struggle to find it by just renting a desk.



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